Community Console Guide


The Dashboard demonstrates a number of charts and graphs to provide a quick look into the members of the community. It entails user acquisition, activity, wallet distribution, user eligibility and engagement distribution.

Basic Metrics

The User Breakdown bar chart indicates the Eligible vs. Non-Eligible users on the platform to take surveys, as well as the Engaged vs. Not Engaged users on the platform.

The Community Members chart demonstrates the last 7 days of user acquisition in the community.

The Activity chart demonstrates of user activity, entailing the number of survey invites sent and the number of surveys completed in the the last 7 days.

User become eligible by answering the "About You" questions (age, gender, and province).
Users with no "About You" responses, or suspended users are counted as Not Eligible.

Engaged is considered for users who have responded to 20% of the surveys offered or more.

Survey Engagement

The survey engagement chart indicates the all-time distribution of level of activity among users. 

For instance, in this chart 7% of the platform users have answered all the surveys they have been eligible for.

Demographics Distribution

The gender, province and age distribution charts provide insights into the overall demographic of the panel.